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Dr. Dawn Vu

Personal Success Stories

Neuro-Vision Rehabilitation after a Concussion

  • "The staff at Angeles Optometric has been welcoming, supportive and enthusiastic while treating me for a correctable vision problem related to an injury. I greatly appreciate the explanations they provided throughout the initial evaluation, the therapy sessions and the final assessment. Many thanks to Jenny who helped me with the therapy which restored my vision to its full capability prior to my accident.
    I would highly recommend Angeles Optometric to anyone."
    Robert G.
  • "While receiving eye therapy at Angeles Optometric Eye Center I learned a lot about the process of working on re- training my eyes with the therapy they offered. They were very patient with me and very understanding when I came in for my treatments."
  • "Before coming to Angeles Vision Center I was having issues with headaches, reading, running into random objects that was affecting my daily life and my work as a physical therapist. Angeles Vision Center helped me get back to 100% to allow me to do the things I love and be able to help my own patients in my own practice. The staff was organized, supportive and caring. I am thankful that I was referred to this business."
    Clint S.
  • "Everyone here was so caring and knowledgeable. I was always in good hands when my diagnosis and therapy for my concussion were being performed. I would recommend this office to anyone. My eyes have improved and my dizziness is gone!"
  • "I had gotten a concussion from a car accident and was informed that my eyes were not working together. I Hadn't noticed any effects from it until i was in school and was struggling with reading comprehension. I was then told about vision therapy and how it could help me. After these sessions, I now have better hand eye coordination and reading comprehension."
  • "I really enjoyed the process of working with Angeles Optometric on helping me with my treatment/therapy. They were very patient with me and very understanding to my schedule. I must say they are a fine establishment and want to thank you for all your help!"
    Jacob G.
  • "As a result of a concussion from a car accident, my vision was affected severely. I had double and blurred vision, headaches associated to rapid eye movement. I was off balance and my reactions to different situations was slow. After 10 sessions, my headaches decreased significantly, my double vision went away and I tended to tip over less. I never knew vision therapy was an option. Thank God for the option."
  • "After going through vision therapy, my vision has improved tremendously. I no longer experiencing tunnel vision, double vision or shaky vision as objects coming near my sight. I never expect my memory could also improve in ways that it has after the therapy, i can actually train my eyes and brain to function like how i used to be able to. I hope others would give this type of therapy a chance to change their lives, i know it did in mine and i have the Dr. and the staff to thank for. They patiently took the time to guide me through all the tests and trials, without that help of this wonderful, i know i wont be able to function normally with everyday activities like I do now."

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